The Management Approach

The basic management approach describes the overall concept of how the Corridor would be managed over the next 10 years. It highlights the three interdependent pillars that implementation would stand on.

Enlighten and Empower Gullah Geechee People to Sustain the Culture

The Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission would focus their implementation efforts on three interdependent pillars:

Education: Increasing understanding and awareness of Gullah Geechee people, culture and history.

  • Promote knowledge and awareness of Gullah Geechee history and culture.
  • Communicate Gullah Geechee history, culture, and heritage through interpretation within Gullah Geechee community and throughout the corridor.
  • Encourage research and other activities designed to expand the body of knowledge on the culture and history of Gullah Geechee people.
  • Develop and enhance links, associations, and connectivity between Gullah Geechee communities, resources, themes, and cultural traditions.

Economic Development: Supporting heritage related businesses and promoting the preservation of the land and natural resources needed to sustain the culture.

  • Promote Gullah Geechee community supported industries and businesses that have positive consequences for Gullah Geechee culture.
  • Promote and assist Gullah Geechee communities in preserving Gullah Geechee land and waterways through economic development.
  • Advocate for rapid cleanup of contaminated sites in Gullah Geechee communities.

Documentation and Preservation: Preserving Gullah Geechee resources, primarily through documentation.

  • Document tangible and intangible resources to provide a foundation for the preservation of assets, educational opportunities, and increased heritage tourism.
  • Preserve tangible and intangible resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

The three pillars as identified by public and stakeholder input are designed to sustain and preserve the land, language, and cultural assets of the people that make up the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor. Education and documentation/preservation initiatives would nurture pride and facilitate a deeper understanding, awareness, and appreciation for the value and importance of the culture. These initiatives would also assist in identifying and preserving the significant tangible and intangible resources within the Corridor and recognizing and sustaining Gullah Geechee people’s contributions to American history and culture. Economic development initiatives would work in concert with education and preservation initiatives to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations within the Corridor. Celebration and interpretation would be interwoven throughout implementation of this management plan.



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